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Table of contents

22 November 1989 | Vol 4, Issue 9
General article

The Microbe File

Fatima Mayet, Barry Walsh


ACE update

Pauline Ford

Supplement care of the elderly

Electronic tagging

James F Marr

Screening for health

Stuart J Darby

Political notes

Tackling ageism

Peter Hasler

Care of the elderly

Pauline Ford

Points of view

Keeping the body alive

Rebecca Malby


A&E information

T E Honner

Enrolled nurse concern

Jeanie Milestone

Changing the fast

Patricia Treaty

Council thanks

Margaret Savage

Feminist rhetoric

Nora Heard, Anne Walton

Women in nursing

Phil Brown

Looking for space

Arthur Cobb

Children in need

Sally Jones

Book review
Clinical myocardial infarction
Clinical quality assurance

Striving for quality

Ummanga Jolly

Clinical diabetes care
Clinical continence
Feature student loans

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