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Table of contents

15 November 1989 | Vol 4, Issue 8
Supplement clinical waste

Safety in disposal

Glenys Griffiths


Clinical waste disposal

Charlotte Alderman

Sideways on
Policy notes

Lessons from America

James Buchan

How to...
Points of view

A sense of fair play

Hazel Platzer


Asking the question

John Gibhin

The Fringe and Beyond

Michael Walsh

Ambulance dispute

David Harding-Price

Post-incident trauma

Miss C A Buck

Overseas nurses needed

Stanley Holder

Have you got it?

Dr N Bird

Course payments despair

Martin J Gajos

Book review
Clinical bereavement
Clinical restraints
Clinical health care
Clinical breast care

Breast reconstruction

Heather Brown

Feature elderly care
Feature education
Feature nursing development units

Awaiting developments

Charlotte Alderman

Feature nurses’ homes
Feature community care

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