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13 September 1995 | Vol 9, Issue 51
Viewpoint PREP

Advancing in confusion

Dean Holyoake

Viewpoint second career
Viewpoint readers panel

Readers panel - If were Mr Dorrell

Gail Kilbane, Maggie Kirk, Gerry McDermott, Nicky Keel, Nicholas Davies, Kath Lowe, Brenda Meakins, Ian Llewellyn-Nash, FO Ettinger

Viewpoint registration
General article

Insult to cardiac nurses

Judith Willis, Neil Green, Ann Wilson

Parental responsibilty

Maureen Schofield

Clinical training
Clinical mental health
Feature nursing standard nurse 95

Winning hearts and minds

Jane Cheetham

Feature pay
News file

Called to the bars

Juije McCaughan

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