Table of contents

29 September 1993 | Vol 8, Issue 2
Career listings
Career feature
Feature AIDS focus
The Clay interview
Viewpoint workwise

Nurse in homes

Maeve Reid


Nursing victims in World War Three

Dorothy Ferguson, Glasgow Caledonian

Clinical mental health
Clinical education

Back to the future: a return to nursing

Kristina Buras, Sue Smyllie

Clinical issues in nursing and health
Clinical wound care

Managing malignant ulcers effectively

David Cooper, JO Cooper

Feature magnet hospitals

Attractive hospitals?

James Buchan

RCN nursing update

Palliative care

Marilyn Marks

Feature pay

Playing the percentages

Simon Canning

Feature nursing standard nurse 93 awards

Vision for success

Madeline Smith

News research
News clinical
Book review
News and features

Releasing the pressure

Nicole Delmotte


Testing QA the European way

Marjaana Pelkonen

Supplement euroquan

Funding from the EC

Amanda Purbrick

Networking in Germany

Doris Schiemann

Accountable for quality

Alison Kitson


Kirsten Stallknecht, Kirsten Stallknecht

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