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Table of contents

15 September 1993 | Vol 7, Issue 52
Career listings
Career change
No limits advice

Advice from the Royal College of Nursing

Sheilagh Brewer, Josie Irving, Michele Rumsey

No limits equal opportunities
No limits traditional courses
No limits project 2000

Born in the P2k

Mel Blackburn

No limits mature students

Part time love

Liz Newport, Sue Downer

No limits news

Are things looking up?

Jason Warriner

Book review

Developing Minds

David Trace

Health care

Mike Lowry

General article
Clinical management
Clinical education

Preceptorship: is it a workable concept?

Arthur Brennan, Denise Williams

Clinical elderly care
Clinical intensive care
Feature NHS reforms
Feature mental health

Psychiatric station

Mike George

Feature magnet hospitals

Attractive hospitals?

James Buchan

Special hospitals

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