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Table of contents

04 August 1993 | Vol 7, Issue 46
Career scope
Career change
Viewpoint computer reviews

Top drawer

Philip Burnard

Book review

Elderly People

Judith M Tyler

Viewpoint the rosemary cook column

Biting back

Rosemary Cook

Viewpoint workwise
Viewpoint the Sister Susie column

Vocational awards

Susie Sister

Viewpoint one minute wisdom
Viewpoint education

Project 1943

Helen Lightfoot

Viewpoint off the record

Sluice talk

Hancock Christine


What stops people seeking help?

Geraldine Sweeney-McCabe

Organ donation life after tragedy

Frances Duncan Skingle, Cystic Fibrosis

Clinical personnel

Diagnostic radiology (Part 1)

Paul Wicker, Tim Wicker

Clinical Infection Control
Clinical primary nursing
Feature mental health
Feature parliament

A year in politics

Julie Wells

News file

Pension pitfalls

Mike George

The gene genie

Mike George

News research
Supplement news
News clinical
Supplement products
Clinical tissue perfusion

Shedding light on pulse oximetry

Dobson Fiona, J Dobson Michael

Supplement tissue viability

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