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Table of contents

14 July 1993 | Vol 7, Issue 43
Computer reviews

Make a full recovery

Philip Burnard

Viewpoint workwise

Banking on work

Elizabeth Melville


Size and moans

Jane Warner

Book review
Viewpoint in focus
The clay interview julia neuberger
Sister susie
The barry clifton column

Up and away

Barry Clifton

Viewpoint off the record

Information exchange

Mrs L Carrim, Sandra Haynes, Sue Hughes, Julian Mitchell, David Swift, Lesley Ritchie, Isara Earl

Practice nurses are already perfect

Linda Havard, Margaret Wallace

Cart before horse in church sex advice

Mark Dyer, Rosemary Cook

Get real doc, it’s a paranoid jungle

Sheena scrimgeour-Hewer

Clinical mental health
Clinical research
Clinical personnel
Clinical diabetes

Setting standards in diabetes education

Alison Thompson, Carolyn Gibbon

Feature organ donation
Feature community health

A brush with bureaucracy

Maura Thompson

Feature behind the headlines
News file
News research

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