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Table of contents

24 February 1993 | Vol 7, Issue 23
Career listings
Book review
Viewpoint community care

Meaning on the streets

David Barrett

Viewpoint maternity care

Midwifery is dead

Rachel Clarke

Viewpoint the Nat health files
Viewpoint soapbox

Ditching the professional face

Christine Dawkins

Viewpoint the barry clifton column
Viewpoint how to...
Viewpoint debate

Write off sisters

Alan Glasper

Viewpoint letter
Clinical management

The role of nurses in health purchasing

Hugh Chadderton, Heather Cawthom, Mark Whiting

Clinical ethics
Clinical RCN nursing update

Monitoring activities in a long-term ward

Chris AUen, Pauline Turner

Clinical pain management
Campaign nurses work

Careers out of control?

Jason Watriner


Help yourself to a job

Michelle Rumsey

News file

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