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Table of contents

13 May 1992 | Vol 6, Issue 34
Book review

Poverty and Health

Philip Lister

Viewpoint books
Viewpoint a day in the life

Just like on telly

Rosemary Cook

Viewpoint NHS changes
Viewpoint community nursing

Equality assured?

Laura Robinson

Viewpoint interviews

Urbane griller tactics

Lynne Warner

Viewpoint rcn congress
Viewpoint education

Return of the robot tutors

Sieve Partridge

Viewpoint community care changes

Stranded at the drive out

Deanne Sherriff

Clinical AIDS counselling
Clinical psychodrama

A psychodrama group for health workers

Jan Costa, Stuart Walsh

Clinical surgical wounds
Clinical RCN nursing update
Clinical hospital equipment
Clinical paediatrics
Feature palliative care
Feature community nurses
Supplement tissue viability
News research

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