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Table of contents

25 October 1989 | Vol 4, Issue 5
Policy notes

The microbe file

Fatima Mayet, Barry Walsh

Point of view

Self examination

Mellor Peter

Points of view

Clinical grading

Jim Mclntegart

Supplement psychiatry

Satisfying service

Holland Alaria

Monitoring standards

June Andrews

Nursing standard
How to...

Conjuring up a cheer

Anne Goldsmith

Wonford reunion for Set 186

Jenny (nee Smith) Rafferty

Identifying patients

Gillian McDonald, Susan Scott

Information anyone?

Bridget Irvine

The sorry plight of the midwife

E A Stark, L M Jaccobs, R E Anbury

View point

View point

Buchan James, Buchan James

View point

Rebecca Malby

Book review
Clinical health visitors
Clinical stereotypes of women
Clinical nutrition
Clinical education
Feature 'A strategy fornursinh'
Feature ‘A strategy for nursing’
Feature nurses’ pay
Feature resuscitation
Feature job sharing

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