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Table of contents

11 July 1990 | Vol 4, Issue 42
Policy notes

ECG File

Thomas Stephen

Book review

Research in nursing

David Lewin

Diabetes care

Sue Cradock

Environmental notes
Soapbox management

The activity balance

Jennifer Hunt

Soapbox students

Nursing: the final quest

Allen Charlotte

In focus
Points of view

Managing health service cuts

Miller Carolynne

Information exchange

Cook Christine, Harvey Ann, Sargent Edith, Hurn Wendy

Retirement thanks

Margaret Green

Clinical avoiding stereotypes
Clinical research
Clinical intensive care
Clinical chiropody

Footcare for patients in hospital

Alethea Foster Chiropodist

Clinical oncology nursing

Research protocols for drug regimens

Anne Hilton, Ria Dubbelman


New york, new york

Alan Jabez

Clinical book review
Feature wimbledon
Feature disaster planning
Feature nurses in the media

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