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Table of contents

26 June 1990 | Vol 4, Issue 39
Soapbox education

Educational Glasnost

Justus Akinsanya

Soapbox students
Book review

Coping with Bereavement

Penelope J Keith

Who Cares

Liz Day

Males at Risk

Sheila Buller


Power and nursing influence

Christopher Bassett


Towards a new era

John Naish

Policy notes

The working week

James Buchan

In focus


John Naish

Legal notes

Legal aspects of research

Bridgit Dimond

Points of view

Having the EN face that fits

Bernard Jones-Baynam

HIV and AIDS nurses' forum

Hal Satterthwaite

Clinical pain control
Clinical sexuality

Schizophrenia and sexual functioning

Lan Baguley, Charles Brooker

Clinical research

Research workshops for nurses

Patricia Osborne, Fiona Wilkinson, Els Keane

Clinical nursing skills

The management of oedema

Caroline Badger

Clinical terminal care
Feature NHS bill
Feature support workers

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