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Table of contents

11 April 1990 | Vol 4, Issue 29
ECG file

ECG File

Stephen Thomas

Political notes
In focus
Soapbox education

Selling nursing short

Christine Chapman

Soapbox students

A flexible problem

Alan Crump



John Naish


Time for a rethink

Trevor Lee

Book review

The wheel of life and death

Penelope J Keith

Environmental notes
Points of view

Setting a precedent

J P Bhoyrub

No concessions for students

Malcolm Williams

Clinical mental handicap

A model for mental handicap nursing

Francis Biley, Moira Donlan

Clinical spiritual health
Clinical community care
Clinical infusion controllers

Intravenous infusion controllers

Julia Luke, Janice Middleton

Clinical ‘a strategy for nursing’
Clinical psoriasis
Clinical skin condition
Feature calcutta rescue

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