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Table of contents

04 October 1989 | Vol 4, Issue 2
Feature regional focus

Theatre nursing

Brenda Baxter


The lab report

John Naish

Burning desire

John Naish

Sideways on
General article

Legal notes

John Finch

How to...

Cope with change

M Sheelagh Brewer

Political notes

The cap fits

Anita Young

Winds of change

M A Barron

Moroccan exchange

EL Moujahid

Jamaican conference

Sheelagh Murphy

Book review

The Health Scandal

P Smith James


Paul Sayer

Clinical elderly care

Nutrition and the elderly

Maureen Hunter, Clare Shaw

Clinical primary nursing

Organising the off duty rota

Christopher P Singleton, Richard D Gamblin

Clinical mental handicap
Clinical stoma care
Features student loans
Feature AIDS

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