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Table of contents

11 March 2015 | Vol 29, Issue 28

Quality and equality

Christian Duffin


End of life care

Rose Gallacher

Art & Science

Planning a research project

Leslie Gelling, Hilary Engward

Improving sleep for patients in acute hospitals

Christine Norton, David Flood, Andy Brittin, Jane Miles

Reader offer

We urge early engagement with the fitness to practise process

Sarah Page, Cathy Warwick, Alan Hughes, Janet Davies, Jane Beach

TV and Radio
App Review
Book review
Webwise Review

The Robes Project

Roger Evans


Medicines management

Matt Griffiths

Readers panel - No treatment, no benefits

Jane Brown, Scott Justice, Linda Drake, Craig Hopkins

False positives

David Newnham

Perks of the job

Jane Bates

Professional benefit

Dame Eileen Sills


With nowhere to go

Jennifer Trueland

Urgent response to cancer

Jennifer Trueland

A coping strategy

Lynne Pearce

Clinical update
Clinical digest

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