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Table of contents

20 July 2005 | Vol 19, Issue 45
Student life

After words

Jeremy Benton

Careers & jobs

Added value?

Ian Hart


Meeting the standard

Carol Dimon

Career development

Meeting the standard

Carol Dimon

Learning zone assessment
Learning zone continuing professional development
Art & Science

Effects of oral sodium picosulphate Picolax® on urea and electrolytes

Fran Ryan, Tina Anobile, Diane Scutt, Marion Hopwood, Gerry Murphy


More effective treatment of paracetamol poisoning

Suzanne Sargent, Fiona Pilkington, Wendy Martin, Helen Landers

Book review

Agenda for change

Sue Nutbrown



Alex Attewell


Beverly Malone

Research notes

Wynne Thomas

Outside In

David Newnham

Courage under fire

Brian Dolan

Passion killers

Stewart Miller

Home from home

Jane Bates

Starting out

Jana Zencakova

Standard life

Daniel Allen

Readers panel – living in a state of denial

Lorraine Jeffs, Mike Lehane, Scott Justice, Carol Singleton


Follow the leader

Adrian O’Dowd

Lymphoma network

Lucy Gooding, Lymphoma

Clinical digest

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