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Table of contents

12 December 2001 | Vol 16, Issue 13
Interpersonal skills
Art & Science

Student placements in the nursing home setting

Eileen Richardson, Belinda Humphries, Karen Fuggle, Michael Barber, Paula Shepherd, Jane Druce

Management of urinary incontinence in a UK trust

Barbara Irwin, Angela Patterson, Phyl Boag, Michael Power

Book review

Something for your stocking for your stocking

Chris Bassett, Brid Hehir, Mike Lehane, Bethann Siviter, Jane Scullion


Standard life

Daniel Allen

Loyalty card

Alan Parrish

Outside in

David Newnham

Its a miracle

Jennifer Percival

Quality control

Patricia Ebsworth

You must be joking

Chris Buswell

New year, new resolutions

Frances Portman, June Andrews, Ann Norman, Beverly Malone, Sarah Mullaly, Amanda Howarth, Martin Bradley, Dame Karlene Davis, Karen Jennings

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