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Table of contents

30 August 2000 | Vol 14, Issue 50
Careers: Job listing
Careers: Focus

Treating the stigma

Mary Tooley

Careers: listings
Careers: development

In the hot seat

Barry Hill

Careers: network
Art & Science

Practice development in cancer care: self-help for men with testicular cancer

Alison Clark, Patricia Jones, Steve Newbold, James Spencer, Mark Wilson, Kevin Brandwood

Nursing and medication education

Jo Rycroft-Malone, Sue Latter, Paul Yerrell, David Shaw

Physical child abuse

Pamela Truman

Perspectives: letters

Naked publicity stunt

Stephen Weeks

Perspectives: books

Sit back ad enjoy

Margaret Paul

Book review
Perspectives: practice profile

Paint effects

Elmarsia Streek

Perspectives: Christine Hancock column
Perspective: opinion
Perspectives: Opinion

Use it or lose it

Ann Wilson

Manager by another name

Karla Buswell, Brid Hehir, Brendan McMahon

Breath of life

Vivien Reed

Free wheeling

FO Ettinger

Cover feature

Have your say

Helen Caulfield

Cover future

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