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08 March 2000 | Vol 14, Issue 25
Foot notes

Foot notes

david Newnham

Careers: jobs listing

Skin deep

Dennis Potter

Careers: tips

Injection site safety

Nicola Soanes

Art & Science

Magnet nursing services recognition programme

Linda H Aiken, Donna S Havens, Douglas M Sloane, James Buchan

Gender issues in nursing

Dean-David Holyoake


Hygiene is a different story on the wards

Katharine Hammerton-Fraser

Book review

Pain: clinical manual

Veronica Nicky Thomas

Sit back and enjoy

Paul Margaret


Standard life

Daniel Allen

Private boundaries

Brid Hehir

Devolving knowledge

David Benton

Depressing reactions

Leslie Sid-Ahmed


Separating the sexes

Pete Fleischmann

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