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Table of contents

15 December 1999 | Vol 14, Issue 15
Careers: jobs focus

The open approach

Keith Edwards

Careers: listings
Careers: tips

Delegation dilemmas

Linda Nazarko

Careers: network
Continuing professional development incontinence
Art & Science

Transplant opt out debate goes on

Paul Challinor, Gwent, Mark Bevan


Bullying is misplaced resentment

Kathleen Svea Manning

Perspectives: letter

Spending pound for pound

Maria Luisa Dihansan

Cover feature


David Newnham

It’s over to you

Christine Hancock

Future issue

Mike Travis

Perspectives: Opinion

Standard life

Daniel Allen


No time like the present

Ruth Williams

Message in a bottle

Chris Buswell, Karla Partridge, Christopher Humm

Perspectives: outlook

Every man for himself

Jonathan Coleman


Cross talk

Lynne Wallis

Review of the year

1999 and all that

Graham Scott

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