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Table of contents

15 November 1995 | Vol 10, Issue 8
Readers panel

Is marketing relevant to the nursing process?

Angela Fry, David Duffy, Marion Clarke, Les Gelling, Tracy Packer, Margaret McKelvie, Carol Singleton, Stephen Weeks, Steve Flatt

Viewpoint the Christine Hancock column

Challenging racism

Christine Hancock

Viewpoint practice tips

In the genes shop

Sandra Harrison


A benchmark not a barrier

Robert Parry, Roger Cobley


No right to go against god’s will

Rev C Durhin, Roman Catholic deacon


Commitment to fight racism

Heather-Jane Sears, Chris A Ranger

Clinical research continence

Using a handbook to improve nurses’ continence care

Kate Williams, Brenda Roe, Fahera Sindhu

Clinical respiratory nursing
Clinical biological sciences

Bionursing: the role of hepatic enzymes

Colin Torrance, Sue Jordan

Clinical personnel
Clinical clinical supervision


Venkata Alladi


What's in a name?

Rose Bailey

Fateful faxes

Malva Devine, Gill Riley

Feature nursing standard nurse 95 award

Promoting positive regard

Catherine Wheelhouse

News file

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