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18 November 2016 | Vol 24, Issue 2
Evidence & Practice

Translation and validation of the Arabic version of the Self-care of Heart Failure Index

Hiba Deek, Sungwon Chang, Samar Noureddine, Phillip J Newton, Sally C Inglis, Peter S Macdonald, Ghina Al Arab, Patricia M Davidson

An examination of responses to surveys among Filipino-Australian migrants

Della Maneze, Bronwyn Everett, Michelle DiGiacomo, Patricia M Davidson, Yenna Salamonson

A demonstration of mixed-methods research in the health sciences

Janet Katz, Roxanne Vandermause, Sterling McPherson, Celestina Barbosa-Leiker

Follow-up study of people who misuse alcohol: reflections on methodology

Jan Gill, Heather Black, Fiona O’May, Cheryl Rees


A passion for research

Layla Haidrani

Book review

Clinical research nurse interns: the future research workforce

Karen Roberts, Sophie Gelder, Helen Wild

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