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Table of contents

21 March 2016 | Vol 23, Issue 4
Book review
Recruitment strategies
Engaging service users

Involving mental health service users in suicide-related research: a qualitative inquiry model

David Lees, Nicholas Procter, Denise Fassett, Christine Handley

Cultural relevance

Protocol for a block randomised controlled trial of an intervention to improve heart failure care

Hiba Deek, Phillip J Newton, Samar Noureddine, Sally C Inglis, Ghina Al Arab, Samer Kabbani, Wael Chalak, Nadim Timany, Peter S Macdonald, Patricia M Davidson

Question development
Instrument development

Validation of the professional practice environment scale in nurse educators in hospitals

Jan Maree Sayers, Yenna Salamonson, Michelle DiGiacomo, Patricia Mary Davidson

Mixed-methods study to develop a patient complexity assessment instrument for district nurses

Susan J Thomas, Carolyn Wallace, Paul Jarvis, Ruth Elizabeth Davis


Solving the context-process problem

Steven Campbell, Iain Graham


Measuring research success

Elizabeth Halcomb

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