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Table of contents

27 March 2014 | Vol 21, Issue 4
Use of real stories
Virtual communication
Qualitative methods

Study of irritable bowel syndrome and co-existing psychological illness

Andrew David Dainty, Nick Allcock, Joanne Cooper

Qualitative analysis

Challenges and solutions during analysis in a longitudinal narrative case study

Charlotte Jane Whiffin, Chris Bailey, Caroline Ellis-Hill, Nikki Jarrett

Advanced practice

Reflections on the added value of using mixed methods in the SCAPE study

Kathy Murphy, Dympna Casey, Declan Devane, Pauline Meskell, Agnes Higgins, Naomi Elliot, Joan Lalor, Cecily Begley

Mixed methods

Breaking from binaries – using a sequential mixed methods design

Patricia Mary Larkin, Cecily Marion Begley, Declan Devane


When to use mixed methods

Leslie Gelling


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