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Table of contents

30 September 2015 | Vol 22, Issue 6

‘I wanted to be boss’

Jennifer Trueland


Revalidation: implications for senior nurses

Lyn (Carolyn) Middleton, Nicola Ryley, Denise Llewellyn

Art & Science

Nurse practitioners changing health behaviours: one patient at a time

Esther Sangster-Gormley, Janessa Griffith, Rita Schreiber, April Feddema, Elizabeth Boryki, Joanne Thompson

Inspiring undergraduates towards a career in community nursing

Clare Cable, Caroline Dickson, Gillian Morris

Web scan

Social network

Ruth Williams, Andrea Shaw

Deprivation of liberty

Ruth Williams, Andrea Shaw

Emotional wellbeing

Ruth Williams, Andrea Shaw

Beat (Beat Eating Disorders)

Ruth Williams, Andrea Shaw


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