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Management of acute confusion in patients with CNS infections

11 December 2013

Nursing Standard


This article discusses the management of acute confusion and aggression in patients with infections of the central nervous system (CNS). The issues discussed are...

Activities to encourage nurses to learn more about motivational interviewing

15 January 2019

Primary Health Care


Good communication is vital in all health settings. If nurses are to support lifestyle and behaviour change, we need additional ways of communicating. Evidence shows...

Use of pain scales and observational pain assessment tools in hospital settings

29 August 2019

Nursing Standard


Pain is a personal, individual and subjective experience. The complex and dynamic nature of pain makes its assessment and management challenging for healthcare...

Supporting frequent attenders to reduce their visits to an emergency department

17 December 2018

Emergency Nurse


Frequent attenders to emergency departments (EDs) are a heterogeneous group who have traditionally been patched up and discharged with little support. This makes...

Role of nursing associates in addressing the needs of people with dementia in hospital

27 January 2020

Nursing Older People

role development

It is estimated that people with dementia comprise about one quarter of all inpatients in acute hospital wards, although this could be an underestimate. Healthcare...

Identifying barriers to engaging older adults with primary care sexual health services

11 September 2019

Primary Health Care

patient interaction

Despite the prevalent cultural stereotype that people’s sexual activity declines or ceases as they grow older, adults in the UK remain sexually active throughout...

Managing behaviour that challenges in people with dementia in the emergency department

30 December 2020

Emergency Nurse

evidence and practice

Dementia symptoms can manifest in a variety of ways, such as anxiety, agitation and an inability to communicate unmet needs. In emergency departments (EDs), these...