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Restraint and never events: an opportunity for change

01 September 2011

Mental Health Practice


In light of the decision by the Department of Health (DH) to exclude serious injury or death by physical restraint from the list of ‘never events’, it is clear that...

Improving safety by developing trust with a just culture

23 December 2021

Nursing Management

patient safety

This article presents a simple conceptual road map for implementing a just culture in healthcare settings. The concept of just culture was developed as one of five...

Supporting staff who are second victims after adverse healthcare events

28 November 2019

Nursing Management


Healthcare delivery is challenging and complex, At some point, most healthcare professionals, including nurses, will be directly or indirectly involved in adverse...

A process for supporting children’s nurses after medication errors

20 January 2020

Nursing Children and Young People

patient safety

Preventable medication-related incidents are a reality during an inpatient stay. While most incidents are intercepted, some reach the patient and can result in...