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How to minimise the effects of dysphagia in people with mental health problems

09 April 2015

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Dysphagia, or difficulty with swallowing, can be intrinsic to a mental health problem or could pre-date it, as in cases such as neurological or muscular disorders,...

Management of dysphagia in stroke patients

01 April 2011

Nursing Older People


Dysphagia, or swallowing difficulties, is a common problem in patients affected by stroke and its management is an important aspect of stroke rehabilitation and...

Dysphagia in a general practice population

01 November 2005

Nursing Older People


Dysphagia is common in older people but it has been difficult to identify any studies examining the condition in typical primary care patients. Heather Morris...

Risk of refeeding syndrome in clients with malnutrition

01 April 2013

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

The number of people with learning disabilities being treated in acute hospitals appears to be rising. Many of these patients are nutritionally compromised and have...

Developing a service for clients with dysphagia

01 February 2014

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

People with learning disabilities and dysphagia need specialist support and advice to ensure that they eat and drink safely, and that communication problems are...

Nurse-led dysphagia screening in acute stroke patients

18 October 2006

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article discusses the findings of an audit to assess the improved outcomes of a systematic approach to training nurses working in an emergency assessment area...

Use of mealtime advice mats in special schools for children with learning disabilities

21 March 2018

Learning Disability Practice

Evidence & practice

Aim Eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties can have serious outcomes for children and adults with learning disabilities. Carers must adhere to management...

Stenting improves quality of life in the management of oesophageal cancer patients

01 April 2008

Cancer Nursing Practice


Oesophageal cancer has a poor prognosis with an overall survival rate of approximately 10 per cent. The most debilitating and distressing symptom associated with...

Raising awareness of dysphagia among healthcare professionals

06 May 2010

Learning Disability Practice


Many people with learning disabilities and complex needs have swallowing difficulties that can be potentially dangerous if they are not given appropriate food and...

Dysphagia in people with learning disabilities

01 November 2013

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

Dysphagia has a detrimental effect on quality of life, particularly among people with learning disabilities. The cause of the condition must be identified to assess...