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Providing palliative and end of life care for people with advanced disease

16 May 2022

Nursing Standard

end of life care

All nurses and healthcare workers have a vital role in caring for people with a life-limiting prognosis. The importance of this role was accentuated during the...

Nurses’ experiences of managing vulnerability when working with seriously ill children

10 January 2022

Nursing Children and Young People


Background Nurses who work with very unwell or dying children may experience intense sorrow and distress in response to loss, which can take an emotional toll on...

How to verify the death of a patient

26 May 2020

Nursing Standard

end of life care

When a patient dies, it is important that nurses understand their role in the verification of death. This article explains the steps required to verify the death of...

Caring for people who are dying: priorities at the end of life

11 February 2015

Nursing Standard


Care of people who are dying is an emotive topic, and there is only one chance to get it right for each individual approaching death. Failure to do so can hinder and...

Nurses’ attitudes and beliefs around exploring the existential concerns of people with cancer

25 May 2022

Cancer Nursing Practice

living with and beyond cancer

Background Existential concerns are common among people with cancer, but many of them perceive a lack of support from healthcare professionals in this area. Aim To...

FreeBreaking bad news to people with learning disabilities: barriers and tools

27 February 2023

Learning Disability Practice


Breaking bad news is a challenging aspect of healthcare professionals’ roles in any setting. In learning disability settings, specific challenges compound the...