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Career progression

27 November 2015

Primary Health Care


ACCESS TO education and career development for general practice nurses (GPNs) is variable and ad hoc, depending on where individuals work in the country and their...

Use the power of the network

29 March 2017

Primary Health Care


I love networks. They connect you with interesting and talented people who help you achieve the things you want to make happen. Twitter is fabulous for building...

Transforming our profession by 2020 with a ten-point action plan

23 February 2018

Primary Health Care


Change offers a chance to make a fresh start and embark on adventures. I have learned to stop fearing change and look at it as an opportunity to learn. This as an...

Why a career in general practice is a rich and valuable one

29 December 2016

Primary Health Care


There has never been a more exciting time to be a general practice nurse (GPN). I can confidently say this having spent most of my career in general practice. The...

Evaluation of a primary care triumvirate leadership development programme

30 October 2017

Primary Health Care

Evidence & practice

This article reports on triumvirate leadership development from the perspective of multiple stakeholder participant groups. These groups include the general practice...