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Child health inequalities and ‘wilful blindness’

12 September 2016

Nursing Children and Young People


This is a story of a divided semi-rural market town and how children and young people were ignored. This is the story of how I helped children’s voices to be heard....

Caught in Catch-22

13 January 2016

Nursing Standard


Anyone who has tried to make an appointment with their GP recently will know the difficulties that primary care is facing. The causes of these pressures are...

Use social media to motivate patients

12 July 2017

Nursing Standard


There are challenges and risks in using social media that are well documented in guidance from the Nursing and Midwifery Council, the RCN and online platforms such...

Helping dads to boost their children’s health

31 August 2016

Nursing Standard


Little Hulton, on the outskirts of Salford, faces serious disadvantage passed down over generations. It is in the top 3% in England’s multiple deprivation index....

Cultural shift

18 May 2016

Nursing Standard


Many are hailing it as the most significant development since the 1960s. NHS England’s General Practice Forward View is a vindication of our call for more investment...

From treating need to creating wellness

07 June 2017

Nursing Standard


Six years ago I lost my job as a deputy director of commissioning due to compulsory redundancy. In the run-up to leaving the NHS I had been introduced to one of the...

Public health nursing needs to reach out

05 October 2016

Nursing Standard


In one of her first acts after taking office in July, prime minister Theresa May announced an equalities audit of public services. The audit will cover how...

Time to market nursing

29 June 2016

Nursing Standard


For too long nursing has been seen as a cost rather than a way of providing efficient and cost-effective care. My hope is that the nursing framework, Leading Change,...

It’s time to talk about nursing’s hierarchies

07 March 2018

Nursing Standard


We are about halfway through the consultation period on the new Health Education England (HEE) workforce strategy, Facing Facts, Shaping the Future. This is an ideal...

Asset-based approach to health

26 August 2014

Primary Health Care


The Shape of Caring review, chaired by Lord Willis, is giving every nurse in the country a chance to join the debate about the future of nurse education (page 7). We...