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Hospice nurse’s professionalism never wavers, even in trying times

08 November 2017

Nursing Standard


The word that always crops up when my mother, Anne Sutton, is discussed by our family members, her patients or fellow members of staff is ‘angel’.

Women with learning disabilities and PMS women with learning disabilities and PMS

01 July 1999

Learning Disability Practice


It is now recognised that people with a learning disability should have equal access to good health care. Recent government initiatives assert that people with a...

Looking after my balls

01 November 2004

Learning Disability Practice

Book Review

The Books Beyond Words series has proved to be an excellent resource for me and I regularly use the Keeping Healthy Down Below and Looking After my Breasts books...

making a difference

01 February 2004

Learning Disability Practice

A&S Science

In June 2000 I wrote an article for this journal titled ‘Pioneering spirit’ (LDP 2000, 3, 1, 4-8). I was inspired by reading an article by Pearson et al (1998),...

Parasiticide: does discussing it help ?

01 November 1993

Emergency Nurse


Suicide. Even today, the word evokes an emotional response laden with anxiety and apprehension, and many societies condemn the act because of religious and moral...

Practice makes perfect - Water hemlock poisoning

01 November 2006

Emergency Nurse


Although collecting wild plants to eat is usually undertaken for pleasure in the UK, not out of necessity, there are increasing numbers of books, television...

Disability, Counselling and Psychotherapy

01 April 2003

Learning Disability Practice


I found the psychoanalytical approach in this book difficult to interpret at times and not at all easy to read. This book could provide teams of professionals with...

Life in the community

01 October 2006

Learning Disability Practice

Positive images

The Tamarisk Trust, a not-for-profit organisation, provides services for adults with learning disabilities. Based in Barnet, north London, the trust has provided a...

Breathing easy: better care for patients with lung problems

13 September 2012

Emergency Nurse


An award-winning scheme led by an urgent care team in Sunderland is helping to reduce admissions and readmissions to hospital of patients affected by chronic...

Psychosocial Nursing Care: A Guide to Nursing the Whole Person

28 May 2014

Learning Disability Practice

Book Review

AS A learning disability nurse, I immediately recognised the discussion presented in this book. The author describes holistic care clearly and concisely, and...