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Responding to people who are experiencing spiritual pain

05 March 2020

Nursing Standard


This article explores the spiritual pain that patients may experience, which is often hidden or overlooked in healthcare settings that tend to focus on managing...

Gender diversity in nursing: time to think again

08 November 2021

Nursing Management

evidence and practice

Despite recent discussions and campaigns to widen nursing’s appeal to people of diverse gender identities, it continues to be perceived as a largely female...

Exploring the role of effective nurse leadership during COVID-19

18 May 2021

Nursing Management


The role of leadership in nursing and healthcare is continuously being examined, and has undergone increasing public and media scrutiny due to the coronavirus...

Oral care of patients in the cancer setting

15 June 2020

Cancer Nursing Practice

patient experience

Oral complications arising from cancer or its treatment, such as mucositis and dry mouth, are common. In the general cancer setting, oral complications can be...