Promoting and evaluating scientific rigour in qualitative research
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Promoting and evaluating scientific rigour in qualitative research

Lesley Baillie Florence Nightingale Foundation chair of clinical nursing practice, London South Bank University and University College London Hospitals, London, England

This article explores perspectives on qualitative research and the variety of views concerning rigour in the research process. Evaluating and ensuring the quality of research are essential considerations for practitioners who are appraising evidence to inform their practice or research. Several criteria and principles for evaluating quality in qualitative research are presented, recognising that their application in practice is influenced by the qualitative methodology used. The article examines a range of techniques that a qualitative researcher can use to promote rigour and apply it to practice.

Nursing Standard. 29, 46,36-42. doi: 10.7748/ns.29.46.36.e8830


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Received: 31 January 2014

Accepted: 13 May 2014