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Table of contents

15 July 2015 | Vol 29, Issue 46

Gearing up for more older nurses

Petra Kendall Raynor

Awareness campaign

Angela Ditchfield


End of life care

Robin Hooks

Art & Science

A quality improvement programme to reduce pressure ulcers

Nicola Heywood, Lisa Brown, Michaela Arrowsmith, Alexa Poppleston

Recording pressure ulcer risk assessment and incidence

Anne Plaskitt, Nicola Heywood, Michaela Arrowsmith

Reader offer

What you’re saying on our Facebook page…

Bryoni Alice, Chris Tapping, Deidre Mulvenna-Pegrum, Marc Evans

TV and Radio
App Review

365 Positivity

Grant Byrne

Book review

The Nurse’s War

Emma Vincent

Webwise Review

Health for Teens

Craig Hopkins


Medicines management

Matt Griffiths

Readers panel - The price of nurses’ safety

Sarah-Louise Flowers, Jane Scullion, Drew Payne, Edwin Chamanga

A meal to die for

David Newnham

Seeing scents

Jane Bates

When art mimics life

Geraldine Rodgers, Susan Smyth

Clinical update
Clinical digest

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