An exploration of different qualitative analysis techniques
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An exploration of different qualitative analysis techniques

Lucie Ramjan Associate professor, Western Sydney University School of Nursing and Midwifery, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Lucie Ramjan focuses on research methods that provide an opportunity for marginalised and vulnerable voices to be heard and introduces five Nurse Researcher articles relating to the subject now available online first and in this issue

There are many different qualitative analysis techniques in nursing research. What I believe is that the beauty of qualitative analysis is in the scope for flexibility, creativity and imagination while maintaining the authenticity of the personal experiences of participants. Qualitative research methods and their analysis techniques allow the nurse researcher to reconstruct, co-construct and understand ‘real world’ situations and the experiences of others. Most importantly they provide the opportunity for voices to be heard that may ordinarily be suppressed, such as those of people who may be marginalised, oppressed and vulnerable.

Nurse Researcher. 26, 2, 6-7. doi: 10.7748/nr.26.2.6.s2

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