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Older women’s experience of the menopause

12 August 1998

Nursing Standard

Women's health

Life expectancy for men and women continues to increase, particularly in the developed world. But the latter part of women's lives is often viewed as being less...

Developing a direct access outpatient hysteroscopy service

08 May 1996

Nursing Standard

Gynaecological nursing

Endoscopic visualisation of the uterine cavity, or hysteroscopy, is now recognised as being a more accurate diagnostic procedure than dilatation and curettage (D&C)...

Understanding lupus

02 August 2000

Nursing Standard


Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease mainly affecting women of childbearing years. Angela Barwick discusses the condition, dealing with the diagnosis itself, the...

Contraception: the changing needs of women throughout the reproductive years

07 June 2000

Nursing Standard


The contraceptive needs of women often change as they get older. Dinah Gould discusses the reasons behind this and reviews the different methods of contraception...


11 October 2000

Nursing Standard


Colposcopy is a method of examination of the cervix using an optical magnifying instrument. Tracy Smith discusses the assessment process, the cervical screening...


04 April 2001

Nursing Standard


Hysterectomy is often thought of as a last resort, but it is a common operation and there are many reasons why it is carried out. The author looks at these and...

Promoting women’s health

09 February 2000

Nursing Standard


Helping women attain the best possible health means using initiatives which take into account the practicalities of women’s lives. Health promotion activities to...

same as you: health issues in women with learning disabilities after the menopause

01 November 2007

Learning Disability Practice

A&S Science

Rising life expectancy means that more people with learning disabilities are living into old age (Bittles et al 2002, Wilkinson and Janicki 2005). Although this is...

Healthcare for lesbians: attitudes and experiences

30 July 1997

Nursing Standard


The incidence of homosexuality in women has been reported to be from 2 to 12 per cent of the female population (Hall 1978, Olesker and Walsh 1984, Robertson 1992)....

The menopause and HRT: a more positive view?

26 November 1997

Nursing Standard


Most discussion in the literature about the menopause and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) centres on the biomedical model of health. Seedhouse (1986), Aggleton...