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Coping with problems by focusing on solutions

01 May 2011

Mental Health Practice


All people have problems and many discuss them repeatedly, even when this becomes self-defeating. Such ‘problem talk’ rarely leads to satisfactory resolutions or...

Asking questions to aid recovery

30 September 2011

Mental Health Practice


Questioning is a fundamental part of practitioner-client interactions, crucial to develop an understanding of clients’ experiences and to assess risks associated...

Clinical supervision: a radical approach

01 May 2000

Mental Health Practice


In many mental health-related disciplines, such as counselling, occupational therapy, social work, and psychotherapy, clinical supervision has already been...

Helping an individual to overcome a fear of dental surgery

03 April 2009

Learning Disability Practice


Tom had rotten and painful teeth, disliked dentists and hated hospitals, yet he wantedhis teeth removed and dentures fitted. The use of solution-focused therapy and...

Using solution-focused communication to support patients

31 August 2011

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Nurses want to help patients; it is one of their main roles and a key source of job satisfaction. However, finding the time despite low staffing levels and a heavy...

Use of solution-focused brief therapy to enhance therapeutic communication in patients with COPD

29 November 2013

Primary Health Care

Art & Science

Most people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) go undiagnosed and many of those who are diagnosed receive only symptomatic treatment. The difficulty...