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The role of the nurse in palliative care settings in a global context

05 June 2009

Cancer Nursing Practice


This article introduces palliative care and palliative care nursing. It goes on to consider models of palliative care delivery and provide a more...

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the hospice setting

01 November 2004

Cancer Nursing Practice


There is much confusion and uncertainty about resuscitation within the field of palliative care. In the past, hospices adopted a blanket ‘no resuscitation’...

Establishing specialist palliative care provision for care homes

01 March 2004

Cancer Nursing Practice


As the British population ages, it is increasingly common for elderly patients with incurable chronic illness to die in care homes. Yet, residents...

Using open mornings to develop cancer networks as learning organisations

01 June 2006

Nursing Management


CANCER NETWORKS are unique organisations established in The NHS Cancer Plan (Department of Health 2000a) to further integrate care for patients with cancer...

Managing advanced cancer: a case study

01 September 2002

Cancer Nursing Practice


The purpose of this article is to show how a patient presenting with advanced cancer can benefit from appropriate treatment and rehabilitation programmes...

Symptom care flowcharts: a case study

01 February 2007

Nursing Children and Young People


Parents who have a child with a life-limiting condition face the painful prospect of seeing their child’s health deteriorate and of becoming involved...

Gaining the views of service users in a specialist palliative day care setting

01 December 2005

Cancer Nursing Practice


Patient and public involvement in the assessment of palliative care services presents unique challenges. This article reports on the use of the nominal...

death counts: the challenge of death and dying in learning disability services

01 December 2004

Learning Disability Practice

A&S Science

There’s nothing new in declaring that inequality and difference can characterise the lives of people with learning disabilities. However, it is novel to...

Developing a hospice service in Northern Ireland

01 October 2001

Nursing Children and Young People

Service provision

The death of a child is the saddest type of loss any parents or family can experience (Dominica 1990). Knowing that a child...

Palliative care education for community based nurses

01 May 2004

Cancer Nursing Practice


A fundamental aim of the NHS Cancer Plan (2000) is to improve the experience of care for patients with cancer, an objective that...