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Mothering the mother

16 February 2010

Nursing Standard


The shortage of midwives in the UK has prompted more women to turn to doulas for support during pregnancy and after the child is born. A free, voluntary scheme is...

Implementation of a structured programme of preceptorship for newly qualified midwives in a maternity unit

30 September 2016

Nursing Management

Evidence & practice

This article discusses the application of a structured approach to the development and implementation of preceptorship programmes with an evidence-based content to...

All day long

21 August 2007

Nursing Standard


Hyperemesis, severe and excessive vomiting during pregnancy, is a distressing condition that can require hospital treatment. One hospital has set up a dedicated,...

Planning, implementing and evaluating a parent education programme

Primary Health Care

evidence & practice

This article describes the multidisciplinary development of a parent education programme in north England. A six-week programme of five antenatal sessions and one...