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Function of the immune system

09 January 2013

Nursing Standard

A&S Science

This article, which forms part of the life sciences series, explores the function of the immune system. It is important that nurses understand how the immune system...

An overview of the immune system

06 January 2009

Nursing Standard

Learning zone continuing professional development

The immune system comprises: physical and chemical barriers; the non-specific immune mechanisms, which bring about inflammation; and the specific immune system,...

Another injection?

09 January 2008

Nursing Standard


A national vaccination programme against chickenpox has been recommended by researchers, but its implementation may be difficult.

Measles: symptoms, diagnosis, management and prevention

30 January 2015

Primary Health Care


Measles is one of the most contagious of all infectious diseases and less than 15 minutes’ exposure can result in infection for individuals who have not been fully...