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Establishing a public health nursing project

28 May 1997

Nursing Standard


Public health nursing has its foundations in primary care and as such, forms the natural public health lead in local communities and primary care teams. Public...

Challenging beliefs about tuberculosis

08 March 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical communicable diseases

The role of the specialist tuberculosis (TB) nurse has been well recognised as an ‘integral part of local tuberculosis services’ (1). Indeed, as Ormerod (2) points...

Community care provision: data collection for planning

06 August 1997

Nursing Standard

Primary health care

Four years ago in Scotland, a multidisciplinary group of practising healthcare professionals began work on the development of a dataset to collect information which...

Hospital at home: the Bromsgrove experience

04 February 1998

Nursing Standard


A hospital at home (HaH) scheme is a system that provides acute care in the home. Patients are cared for to a standard that would otherwise require hospitalisation....

Leg ulcer care: the need for a cost-effective community service

31 July 1996

Nursing Standard

Special focus: Tissue Viability

During the 1980s, a major leg ulcer research programme undertaken at Charing Cross Hospital led to the development of a treatment regime which resulted in complete...

Leg ulcer care: auditing the service in the community

31 July 1996

Nursing Standard

Special focus: tissue viability

Leg ulcer care in the UK places a huge burden on NHS resources, costing between £300 and £400 million per year (Moffatt et al 1992) and affecting approximately 1.5...

Pressure relief in the community

09 January 1996

Nursing Standard

Clinical tissue viability

In April 1993, the Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering at Salisbury District Hospital commenced a three year project to provide a...

Considering the needs of carers: a survey of their views on services

19 April 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical research community care

This paper describes a survey undertaken in Derbyshire. A total of 244 carers responded to a postal questionnaire enquiring about the services they needed, how they...

Improving quality of primary health care in a Sudanese dispensary

26 January 2000

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Nursing in a poverty-stricken war zone means working with poor facilities and coping with different attitudes. Sue Campbell explores how working overseas does not...

A public health approach to nursing in the community

21 May 1997

Nursing Standard


The growing awareness of the public health potential of nurses in primary care (SNMAC 1995) has provided a welcome change from the individualistic health education...