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Techniques for acute wound closure

01 February 2006

Nursing Standard


This article provides an overview of the assessment and management of the common types of acute wound that frequently present to accident and emergency departments,...

Assessment and management of surgical wounds in clinical practice

06 September 2006

Nursing Standard


Successful nursing care of surgical wounds is dependent on the nurse’s knowledge and understanding of normal wound healing physiology, the type of surgery performed,...

How to suture a wound

19 October 2016

Nursing Standard

Evidence & practice

Rationale and key points This article explores how to suture a wound using several common techniques. The use of different suture techniques depends on various...

How to administer lidocaine in wounds

20 September 2017

Nursing Standard

Evidence & practice

Rationale and key points Before a wound can be cleaned and/or closed, the use of a local anaesthetic such as lidocaine is often required to enable the nurse to...

Management and treatment options for patients with open abdomen

13 January 2016

Nursing Standard


Abdominal sepsis and trauma are the main indications for open abdomen. However, there is no robust evidence that open abdomen is better than closed in these cases....

Preventing the development of heel pressure ulcers

24 September 2018

Nursing Standard

Skin care

The heel is a common site for pressure ulcer development, particularly in people who are supine or semi-recumbent because of immobility. There is little protective...
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