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Recognising infection in wounds

22 October 2008

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article explores the clinical signs and symptoms that help healthcare staff recognise infection, which can be a painful, distressing and potentially...

Clinical management of non-healing wounds

14 March 2018

Nursing Standard


Chronic wounds are defined as those that have failed to heal after three months. There are various intrinsic and extrinsic factors that may result in the development...

Fingertip injuries in children: a review of the literature

29 August 2018

Emergency Nurse

literature review

Fingertip injuries in children are a common presentation in emergency settings. These injuries result from a variety of mechanisms with most occurring at home by...

Best practice in wound assessment

02 March 2016

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Accurate and considered wound assessment is essential to fulfil professional nursing requirements and ensure appropriate patient and wound management. This article...

Preventing the development of heel pressure ulcers

24 September 2018

Nursing Standard

Skin care

The heel is a common site for pressure ulcer development, particularly in people who are supine or semi-recumbent because of immobility. There is little protective...

Hand injury: investigating the accuracy of referrals to a specialist trauma centre

26 January 2021

Emergency Nurse

hand injury

Hand injury is a common presentation in the emergency department (ED). The accurate assessment of hand injuries is essential to ensure optimal management, which may...

Reducing pressure injuries in children caused by peripheral intravenous cannulae

19 April 2022

Nursing Children and Young People

quality improvement

Medical devices such as peripheral intravenous cannulae (PIVC) are commonly used in the care of children across all hospital settings. However, the association...

An overview of the prevention and management of wound infection

30 August 2022

Nursing Standard


A wound can be defined as infected when the presence and subsequent proliferation of microorganisms leads to a local or systemic response in an individual. Wound...

Essentials of wound care: assessing and managing impaired skin integrity

12 September 2022

Nursing Standard


The assessment and management of impaired skin integrity as part of wound care is a common nursing task. Specific wound assessment tools may assist nurses to...

Managing malignant wounds in patients receiving palliative care

19 December 2022

Nursing Standard


Malignant wounds are a complication of cancer and usually develop in patients with advanced disease. Physical symptoms associated with these wounds include pain,...