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How to perform a urinalysis

09 September 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Rationale and key points This article aims to help nurses to undertake a urinalysis in a safe, timely, effective and patient-centred manner, ensuring privacy and...

Urine samples and urinalysis

12 December 2007

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Urinalysis is a routine screening and diagnostic tool that can be used to identify infections and diseases. This article discusses methods of collecting and testing...

Assessment and management of lower urinary tract symptoms in men

27 March 2023

Nursing Standard

Care experience

Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) is a broad term that covers a range of urinary issues, which are often categorised as storage and voiding symptoms. Storage...

Biological basis of child health 15: understanding the renal system and common renal conditions in children

09 May 2022

Nursing Children and Young People

Renal system

This article, the 15th and last in a series on the biological basis of child health, focuses on the renal system, in particular the kidneys. It provides an overview...

Assessment and management of urinary incontinence in women

20 April 2018

Nursing Standard


Urinary incontinence is a common and usually hidden issue that can affect women of all ages. It is often ignored by the patient because of their misconception that...