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Nursing care of patients with a temporary tracheostomy

25 February 2015

Nursing Standard


Safety considerations are important when caring for a patient with a temporary tracheostomy. Early detection and resolution of problems in tracheostomy management...

Care of adult patients with a temporary tracheostomy

14 September 2011

Nursing Standard

Learning Zone

The insertion of a temporary tracheostomy is a common procedure in the critical care environment. This article aims to explore the evidence relating to the nursing...

Care of the critically ill patient with a tracheostomy

07 January 2019

Nursing Standard


Tracheostomy insertion and management is increasingly common in critical care units and general wards. Therefore, it is important that nurses are equipped with the...

Tracheostomy care: the role of the nurse before, during and after insertion

13 July 2020

Nursing Standard


A tracheostomy is a surgical procedure that involves creating an opening and inserting a tube in the trachea to enable air transit from the external atmosphere to...