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Promoting skin health in older people

01 December 2010

Nursing Older People


This article examines general skin care for older people, including barrier function and changes associated with the ageing process. A systematic approach to skin...

Skin assessment of patients at risk of pressure ulcers

11 November 2009

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

The incidence of pressure ulcers in the community and in acute settings is a concern for patients and healthcare professionals. The high cost to healthcare services...

Prevention and management of moisture-associated skin damage

24 January 2019

Nursing Standard

Skin care

The harmful effects of excessive moisture on a patient’s skin are well known. While traditionally considered an issue only encountered in continence care and older...

Managing chronic spontaneous urticaria (hives) in primary care

13 September 2018

Nursing Standard

Skin care

Chronic spontaneous urticaria is characterised by the spontaneous appearance of hives or wheals, and/or angioedema, lasting for at least six weeks. The condition may...

Using the ‘aSSKINg’ model in pressure ulcer prevention and care planning

25 January 2021

Nursing Standard


Pressure ulcers are painful, costly and can negatively affect a patient’s quality of life. It has long been recognised that they increase the risk of infection,...

Role of nurses in promoting the skin health of older people in the community

15 July 2019

Nursing Standard


Why you should read this article: • To understand the skin changes that occur as part of the ageing process • To recognise the physical and psychosocial effects of...