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A framework for pre-qualifying nurses to build leadership skills

30 October 2014

Nursing Management

Art & Science

Nursing students are our future leaders in the healthcare sector. It is proposed that, for students to understand and demonstrate leadership knowledge, skills and...

Exploring the benefits and limitations of transactional leadership in healthcare

22 October 2020

Nursing Standard


Leadership theory is a crucial aspect of nursing and the focus of a large body of literature. However, it remains a challenging concept to define and has been...

How relational leadership can enhance nurses’ well-being and productivity

02 April 2024

Nursing Standard

Care experience

Leadership is an essential skill in nursing and has a fundamental role in ensuring high-quality patient care and the effective functioning of healthcare systems....

Implementing collective leadership in healthcare organisations

03 February 2020

Nursing Standard


Effective leadership is essential in healthcare organisations, with several high-profile reports on suboptimal care in the NHS demonstrating a link between...

Developing the personal qualities required for effective nurse leadership

08 April 2019

Nursing Standard


Leadership within the healthcare system should be visible at all levels, rather than being dependent solely on the characteristics of those who exert control from...

‘Guiding Lights for effective workplace cultures’: enhancing the care environment for staff and patients in older people’s care settings

04 May 2022

Nursing Older People

workplace culture

While much attention has been given to organisational culture, there has been less focus on workplace culture. Yet workplace culture strongly influences the way care...