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Role of effective nurse-patient relationships in enhancing patient safety

02 August 2017

Nursing Standard


Ensuring and maintaining patient safety is an essential aspect of care provision. Safety is a multidimensional concept, which incorporates interrelated elements such...

Open AccessOC25 – Helping parents spot the deteriorating child: co-production of safety-netting interventions

09 May 2016

Nursing Children and Young People


Theme: Child protection and managing risk. Introduction: Providing families with a safety net of information is a crucial component in the care of children with...

The imperative to improve safety in NHS healthcare organisations

02 February 2011

Nursing Management


Since the publication of a report on learning from adverse events in the NHS a decade ago, healthcare organisations have signed up to programmes to improve safety,...

What the directive will mean

09 June 2009

Nursing Standard

General Article

The European Working Time Directive (EWTD) became law in the UK more than ten years ago, but some nurses still choose to work long hours.

Mitigating the risks of methamphetamine

10 October 2011

Emergency Nurse


This article discusses the origins of illegally produced methamphetamine, its use worldwide and its growing popularity in the UK. It also discusses the drug’s...

Putting patient safety first

01 November 2008

Mental Health Practice

Patient safety

The safety of patients in mental health settings has been identified as a priority by the government, and the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) has embarked on...

Clinical simulation: a better way of learning?

26 September 2009

Nursing Management


This article describes the practice of clinical simulation, in which real-world experiences are replicated in learning environments. It also describes how education...

Staff background checks: safeguarding vulnerable adults

21 May 2009

Nursing Older People


It is compulsory for an applicant seeking employment in a healthcare organisation in the United States to undergo a series of background checks, which are carried...

Team health and safety

22 September 2009

Nursing Standard


Patient Safety First is a campaigning organisation dedicated to reducing patient harm. It has adopted a safe surgery checklist that is being implemented across...

Involving and communicating with patients and the public

04 January 2006

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Patient safety incidents have physical and emotional consequences for those involved, including patients, carers, relatives and healthcare staff. This article, the...