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Creating a positive workplace culture

26 February 2012

Nursing Management


This article considers the link between emotional resilience and the mental and physical wellbeing of healthcare staff, and how this affects leadership and patient...

Solution-oriented learning to build resilience in mental health nursing students and recently qualified nurses

04 May 2018

Mental Health Practice


Increasing concerns about nursing students’ mental health and the retention crisis facing nursing mean it is essential that staff working in nurse education develop...

Resilience and coping strategies in adolescents

05 December 2008

Paediatric Nursing


Resilience has gained considerable attention over the past four decades since researchers observed that children and youth could cope and adapt in spite of...

Improving mental health outcomes for children and young people

01 June 2011

Mental Health Practice


This article reviews the government’s strategy for improving mental health in England, No Health without Mental Health, which promotes a ‘life course’ approach to...

Factors involved in young people’s decisions about their health care

27 November 2011

Nursing Children and Young People


Many factors influence the process a young person goes through when deciding to consent to or refuse treatment. A young person’s physiological and psychological...

Exploring how mindfulness and self-compassion can enhance compassionate care

Nursing Standard

evidence & practice

Research suggests that the development of mindfulness and self-compassion may help to improve the well-being and resilience of professionals and students in the...

Developing nurses’ transformational leadership skills

16 August 2017

Nursing Standard


Healthcare is a complex area with significant potential for service improvement despite the effects of increasing economic and social pressures on the quality and...

Primary care reconfiguration: managing the transition

01 March 2007

Primary Health Care


Nurses in primary care face competing for new jobs and possible redundancy or early retirement as trusts and services are reconfigured. Linda Nazarko explores the...